4. Constants
  Constants are literal/fixed values assigned to variables or used directly in expressions.
Datatype example meaning
integer int x = 3; integer
long x = 3L; long integer
unsigned long x = 3UL unsigned long
Floting-point double x = 3.14;
float x = 3.14F; float
double x = 3.14L; long double
octal or hexadecimal int x = 0x1A hexadecimal
int x = 0x37 Octal
character ‘\xb’ ASCII vertical tab
‘\x7’ ASCII bell character
string “hello, world” string
“hello, “ “world” same as “hello, world” because string constants can be concatenated at compile time.
enumeration enum BOOL {NO, YES} NO = 0, YES = 1
enum COLOR {R=1, G, B, Y=10} G = 2, B = 3
The complete set of escape sequence is
이전페이지 / 5 / 다음페이지