Data Structures in C
Prof. J. So, Communications and Networking Lab (CNL), Department of Electronic Engineering, Sogang University
Copyright © 2019 J. So. All rights reserved. Not for distribution or reproduction.

Ch. 1 Basic Concepts
malloc(), sort(), binsearch(), Magic Square

Ch. 2 Arrays and Structures
2D array, string functions, KMP pattern matching

Ch. 3 Stacks and Queues
Stack, Queue, Maze, Postfix, Infix

Ch. 4 Linked lists
Singly linked list, Phonebook

Ch. 5 Trees
Tree - tree_display(), inorder(), postorder(), push(), pop(), iterInorder(), createNode()
Threaded Tree - insucc(), tinorder(), insertRight(), creadTree()
Binary search tree - search(), interSearch(), modifiedSearch(), tree_traversal()

Ch. 6 Graph
Depth first search, Breadth First Search: dfs(), bfs()
Dijkstra Algorithm
Bellman and Ford algorithm (weight can be negative)

Ch. 7 Sorting
Search - seqSearch(), binSearch()
Sorting - insertionSort(), bubbleSort(), quickSort()