1. Definitions
Define some words as follows:
– The datatype of an object in memory determines the set of values it can have and what operations    that can be performed on it.
– C is a weakly typed language. It allows implicit conversions as well as forced (potentially dangerous)    casting.
– Operators specify how an object can be manipulated (e.g.,, numeric vs. string operations).
– operators can be unary(e.g., -,++),binary (e.g., +,-,*,/),ternary (?:)
– An expression in a programming language is a combination of values, variables, operators, and    functions
– A variable is as named link/reference to a value stored in the system’s memory or an expression that    can be evaluated.
Consider: int x=0,y=0; y=x+2;. where x, y are variables, y = x +2 is an expression, and + is an operator.
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