Programming in ANSI C
Prof. J. So, Communications and Networking Lab (CNL), Department of Electronic Engineering, Sogang University
Copyright © 2019 J. So. All rights reserved. Not for distribution or reproduction.

Ch. 1 Overview
Print "Hello world"

Ch. 2 Constants, Variables, and Data Types
Variable names, Data types, sizeof(), Endian

Ch. 3 Operators
Operators, Precedence, math functions

Ch. 4 Standard Input and Output
scanf(), printf()

Ch. 5 Condition - if switch
Ch. 6 Loop - for, while, do-while

Ch. 7 Arrays
1D, 2D, Matrix

Ch. 8 Strings
String functions - strcpy(), strcmp(), strcat(), atoi()

Ch. 9 Functions
Implement user-defined functions - sum(), factorial(), sort()

Ch. 10 Structures

Ch. 11 Pointers

Ch. 12 File Managements

Ch. 13 Dynamic Memory Allocation and Linked Lists

Ch. 14 Preprocessor